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Building the Future

At the Sophie Gregoire Scholarship Foundation, we are committed to creating a scholarship fund to help future dancers with a brighter future and opportunities.



Sophie Gregoire was the truest of friends, a beloved sister, a devoted student, and an absolutely unique and unforgettable person.


Everyone that had the pleasure to dance with, or simply just know Sophie, knew how fortunate they were.


You couldn’t help but be filled with joy when you were in her presence.


Wherever she went, she created laughter and smiles with her hilarious comments, humorous facial expressions and perfect comedic timing.


Sophie was a role model even among her friends because of her confidence and charisma that was way beyond her years.


She was the class motivator, the voice of logic, the one who always remembered the dance, and the reason we will always untie our tap shoes at the end of class.

We feel honored to have had the privilege to watch Sophie grow up over the years into the amazing young woman she was.


We were always in awe of her artistry, not only in dance but also her drawing.


She could impress you with her sketches and then create sounds with her tap shoes you didn’t think were possible.

Sophie will be forever missed, and we are grateful for the time we had and the memories we created together.


Her memory will forever live within our studio and in the hearts of everyone that knew her.


Keep dancing in the sky sweet Sophie!

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